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  Free Checking

    $99 minimum to open
    No monthly account maintenance fee
    First 40 checks FREE
    Eligible for OOPS! Overdraft Privilege

  Regular Checking

    $99 minimum to open
    $475 minimum daily balance
    If daily balance falls below $475, the following fees
    will be imposed:
            -  $8 per month
            -  20¢ for each debit transaction over 15                       debit transactions
    Eligible for OOPS! Overdraft Privilege

  NOW Account                                                  Super NOW Account

    $1,500 minimum to open                                                                     $2,500 minimum to open
    $1,500 minimum daily balance                                                            $2,500 minimum daily balance
    If daily balance falls below $1,500, the                                                If daily balance falls below $2,500, the
    following fees will be imposed                                                             following fees will be imposed:
            -  $10 per month                                                                                  -  $15 per month
            -  25¢ for each debit transaction                                                          -  25¢ for each debit transaction
    Eligible for OOPS! Overdraft Privilege                                                 Eligible for OOPS! Overdraft Privilege
    *Contact nearest branch for details                                                      *Contact nearest branch for details

Citizens 1st Banclub - Join Citizens 1st Banclub today.  It's loaded with money-saving benefits and more!

Banclub Checking

$99 minimum to open
Monthly account maintenance fee can be $8, $9, or $10
- Depending on the level of insurance purchased*
Eligible for OOPS! Overdraft Privilege

Other benefits include:

 - Personalized Checks
 - Unlimited Checking
 - Cashier's Checks at No Issue Charge
 - Discount on Safe Deposit Box ($7.50 annually)
 - Bank-by-Mail
 - Direct Deposit of Social Security, Retirement and Payroll
 - Automatic Savings
 - Notary Service at No Charge
 - Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance*
 - Payment Card Protection
 - Key Ring Protection
 - And More!

*Contact nearest branch for details

*There is investment risk associated with insurance products, including the possible loss of value.

*Insurance Disclosure: The insurance offered is not a deposit, not FDIC insured, not an obligation of or guaranteed by the financial institution or an affiliate, and not insured by any agency of the U.S.

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