Obtaining someone's personal information for illegal use has become more wide spread than ever before. The criminals continue to learn new methods and new scams to obtain victim's personal information for their own gain. 

Citizens 1st Bank is committed to protecting your personal information. We have enhanced security measures for when you log onto your Online Banking and security protections for when you use your debit card. 

In addition, we are committed to providing you important information that may prevent someone from illegally obtaining your information for their gain. Please be sure to check out the Online Banking Safety brochure for information about conducting transactions online, as well as the Protecting Your Plastic article on our Online Banking Security page.

For more information about also go to the FTC's Privacy & Identity page.

With the NEWLY Enhanced Online Banking, did you know that you can edit your transaction descriptions and categorize your spending? These tools are designed to help you manage and track your spending to better understand your finances. 

The spending reports will help you with budgeting by showing you how much you spend in different categories. Try using these tools by following the simple steps outlined below.  (Click "Read More" below)